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The actof a girl riding a guy but bouncing up and down on his cock. WARNING: If the cock slips out of place, prepare for pain.
That girl was unusually hyper last night and was doing a trampoline on me! Shit nigga!
by Tom Sroka October 27, 2007
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To perform a sexual act on a vagina that has never been touched, proded, masterbatued, or anything else sexual in nature.
I am going out tonight looking for a star trek vagina.
by Tom Sroka October 27, 2007
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To get jerked off under a table during dinner with a handkerchief covering your cock. Also can be done in any situation as long as your privates are covered by some clothing item.
Bob: Why were you so quiet during dinner?

Rick: I was getting handkerjerked by Lana's mom!
by Tom Sroka October 27, 2007
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A wrestling move patened and made famous by Ric Flair. The knife edge chop is a chop to the chest done with the hand slightly bent so the outside is facing the person. Results in a thunderous slap sound and leaves a person with a huge bruise on their chest.
When this is done in wrestling by any wrestler, the crowd shouts "Wooooo" each time, paying respect to Ric Flair.
Ric Flair knife edge chopped Triple H so many times, blood began to trickle down the chest of Triple H.
by Tom Sroka October 27, 2007
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After a girl rejects you several times in one night, you make one final play to get her in bed, knowing full well if you fail it will mean she wins.
Ben: So how did you end up getting laid by Heather?

Jon: She kept turning me down and turnign me down, so finally I pulled out my 4th down play, put it all on the line, and dropped a pill in her drink. I WON!

Ben: Um, that's date rape.

Jon: Hey, sometimes you have to cheat to win.
by Tom Sroka October 27, 2007
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Wrestling move made famous by Hulk Hogan. The Hogan Leg Drop is performed after kicking your opponent in the face, knocking them out flat on their back. You then run into the ring ropes for added speed and proceed to jump up and perform a leg drop. The reason the Hogan Leg Drop differes from other wrestlers' leg drops is that it is unstoppable. Only 3 wrestlers are known to have kicked out of the pin after this move was performed: The Ultimate Warrior, The Rock, and Goldberg. Even though this move is extrememly old school, even now when Hogan performs it in the ring it still has the same effect - a win for Hulk Hogan.
JR: Oh my God, King...Hogan gave the big boot to Randy Orton. And now he is signaling for the leg drop!!!

*Hogan then runs into the ropes and performs the leg drop*

JR: 1...2...3! Hogan wins! The Hogan Leg Drop wins it again!!! Hogan is 23,014 - 4 in the ring...an impressibe win loss record!
by Tom Sroka November 15, 2007
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1. A hoagie from WaWa or any other hoagie making place that includes all possible ingriedients all at the same time (i.e. An Italian Hoagie with mayonaise, tartar sauce, horse radish, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, ketchup, salt, pepper, etc. etc.)

2. A person who is a fucking monster, for being slovenly dressed or hobo-looking in his dress. (Also See Fonstress for the female version).
That hoagie has 72 toppings...that's a Fonster!

Dude, you put on 30 pounds in the past week eating nothing but hoagies and mayonaise, you are a Fonster!
by Tom Sroka October 27, 2007
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