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Relationship shouldnt be looked at like an assingment. If we are in a relationship I am not gonna stop you from seeing your friends,im not gonna want to hangout everyday. I will just want you to show me that im a little bit more important than your other girl friends,to show me off as your girl. Thats all. Dont look at it like an assingment cause its not
-Bro, I dont wanna be in a relationship, its like an assingment.

-It aint that.
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by tired bitch November 08, 2020

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a girl who most probably likes the same guy as you, but gets jealous that you get all of his attention and tries to get him by coping every fucking thing you do with him
-bruhhh, i feel so happy with him, but she's trying to take him away from me.
-chill,she's just a fucking bitch
by tired bitch January 06, 2021

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feeling stressed and insecure that someone might take away from you a person that you love
-bro, she's gonna take him away from me.
-nahh, ur just feeling jealousy.
by tired bitch January 06, 2021

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