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Dobby Pussy Indulgence (DPI) is simply defined as self-care for the most woke individuals. Ask yourself: "Who's indulging tonight?"
Imagine working a shitty ass minimum wage at some fuckin gas station on the side of the road in the middle of buttcrack Missouri where you haven't had a single customer in like a week and a half and suddenly you hear the dusty ass bell chime like a sweet song from god telling you that the door opened so you look up from your seventeen magazines from 2012 you found on the side of the road that you're only reading because it's the only thing distracting you from your own mortality so you look up from the magazine and standing in front of the checkout desk it's the fucking pope. wearing the full fucking pope get up in all his glory a foot in front of you watching you read a mud stained magazine where Bella Thorne talks about her favorite prints to mix and match and the pope is still a paying customer so you just smile and say hi how can I help you? :) and he just fucking stares at you with his cold dead pope eyes and slowly raises his scepter into the air and then bangs it on the ground so hard that the tile broke and that's either coming out of your paycheck or just never getting fixed at all and he hasn't broken eye contact with you since you first saw him and he smells like the pope probably smells and he tells you he demands your finest Dobby Pussy Indulgence may god bless your soul. what would you do how would you feel if that was something that happened to you?????
by thiccbih September 06, 2017
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The Clown with the Tear Away Face gaped his clanus for Jack Skellington's (literal) boner.
by thiccbih October 12, 2018
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Engaging in sexual activities with a Clown, with clock referring to a Clown's cock and "clicking" corresponding to whatever sexual act you have in mind. ;)
Zach: "Hey Nathan, have you seen Julia around anywhere today?"
Nathan: "I am pretty sure that she went to the State Fair to click on that clock!"


The adults of Derry, Maine ventured into the sewers to click on that clock.
by thiccbih September 07, 2017
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