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A mix of swag and sassy.

Lizzie hogen is the queen of swassy and ruler of us all
The sacred book of swassy documents the history, names and speshal words of swassy
"Oh look ruva, T, emilia, Maya and Lizzie are so swassy. They are the best people I know."
by theswassygirl March 16, 2015

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1) When something/someone is just so powerful there are no words to describe it. Often used in conjunction with innuendos.

2) Alternatively it is one of the main greetings/ phrases used by the queen swassy.
1) person 1: Dylan O'Brien is so juicy

2) queen swassy (holding juice box): juicy, juicy, juicy !

Person 2: juicy juice !!!!
by theswassygirl September 05, 2017

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