2 definitions by theslumpgod

Broke hoes means a person that doesn't have money and would fuck with people for money and clout
Zoneoutkidd - In they feelingz

"All these broke hoes stalking me yeah they see me counting hella bandz they just want a piece all you broke hoes just wanna fuck with me for my money and my clout Y'all could see me but don't touch me now"
by theslumpgod April 24, 2017
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A black person who rejects their culture(white washed). You’ll often find them with white people, straight hair, dressed like an old navy model, or with and american flag. They also tend to be racist to their own race
Jamal just scream “all lives matter” with Connor and Kyle. What a coon.
by theslumpgod May 29, 2021
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