40 definition by the slut formerly known as your mother

..Of course the trade is the world's oldest trade; prostitution.

What we're dealing with here is a woman who opens her legs for money.
My dear gentlemen, I have bought a woman of the trade to join us, who shall be freely availiable to all throughut the night. I have paid her in advance, so fret not.

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One who rides the cock the way a cowboy would ride a horse- by sitting on it and moving around a little. Can be male or female, and can take it in vagina or anus.
Myself: Sir, it is my earnest duty to report to you the fact that I have witnessed your son playing as a cock cowboy atop his strap-on clad sister.

Old man: ....?

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King of glam rock, wore a wig, and got arrested for sending his PC for repair with hundreds of child pornography photos on the HDD.

"I DEEPLY regret DOING what I was sent to prison for"
Gary Glitter owns a house near a red light district in Thailand.

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One who adjusts themselves into the seated position who using a dildo, often fixing it to a sturdy surface such as a table or chair, and them slides thier body up and down on the dildo.
The only noteworthy fact I learned from watching your daughter in that sextoy advert is that she is a dildo jockey, and moves her body instead of the dildo. That, and she has a mole on her right pussy lip.

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The value of any unknown integer that can be counted in scores (tens) ie more than 20 but not in hundreds ie below 200.

The specific number is 117
eleventy-seven red balloons go by

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When two people insert dildoes into thier lower orifices and squirm as if fighting to move the dildo around eachother's orifice, bringing much pleasure.

A dildo duel is also the result of immature 12 year olds visiting an adult natured shop, and having a swordfight with the largest dildo collection.
Two kids came into the shop and had a dildo duel yesterday. They knocked over a few gimp suits.

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(n.) window dressing is the act of disguising a loan by taking money in exchange for the use of a business' asset(s). It shows on the financial statements that the company has both the money AND the asset, making the profits much larger when in reality it has restricted or no use of the asset. The extended definition of money laundering puts window dressing into a legal grey area, whereby it is not perfectly legal, but not illegal enough to build a real case against.
Everyone, from large companies trying to improve their profits, to hustlers on the street wanting extra cash in thier pockets is in to window dressing.

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