4 definitions by the secret man

a man called Jack Mortan who has a big noes and wears a little cap on his head.
" hey look its a jack gay Jewish noes man."
by the secret man February 1, 2021
Sometimes mistaken for 'Coffee' when it actually has nothing to do with the drink. In most cases using the term "Coffey" refers to a one Trish Coffey, in which a sexual joke will be made towards her, or already has been
"Yo I asked Trish coffey who the boss was and she replied "You are, You are." I replied " No bitch Tony Danza is." and I donkey punched her, that was the end of that
by the secret man January 14, 2009
The most lovely bloke in the world if you see a Darcy your either going to end up in bed with him or out the back of the pub and will put a smile on your face that you will never get rid of if you friends with a Darcy your life is complete this guy and so cheerful and full of surprises yo will think your in heaven but watch him cause if you are his mate your girl could end up with this sneaky bastard he know how to play with the lady strings
There's Darcy hide your women mark

I'm sad "darcy walks in" Tina is starstruck
by the secret man December 22, 2013
you are doing 69 on a round about and get up with your hands out and do a 360
did you see them people on the round about it looked like the were doing the 69 twister
by the secret man November 2, 2020