2 definitions by the real uncle money pockets

"Rolling On The Floor Laughing With You Inside Me"

ROFLWUIM is an extremely creepy acronym used while flirting via instant messaging, texting and other non-verbal communication methods by females and or gay males, in most cases after a joke is told by the person being flirted with.

Like its parent acronym - ROFL, ROFLWUIM can be combined with other acronyms or expanded by adding additional letters.
ROFLMAOWUIM - Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off With You Inside Me

ROFLWUIMWESWTFBBQ- Rolling On The Floor With You Inside Me Whilst Eating Steak and What The Fuck Barbecue Sauce

Guy: "(insert hilarious joke)"
Flirtygurl57: "You're so funny and cute XD. I want to ROFLWUIM"
Guy: "noice"
Definition - A term used to describe someone with a lot of money or when someone spends large amounts of money. Uncle Money Pockets can be used for a person of either gender.

Origin -The term Uncle Money Pockets comes from the rich old man in Monopoly with the sweet mustache, top hat and pimp cane named Uncle Pennybags.

Alternate Uses - Uncle Money Pockets can be adjusted to fit the age and status of the person (see below examples)
1. Guy 1 - "My brother just got promoted and bought a porsche.
Guy 2 - "Damn he sounds like Uncle Money Pockets"

2. 12 year old girl - "I saved $100 off my $10/weekly allowance, I feel like such an Uncle Money Pockets."

3. Guy - "Bill Gates makes so much money, he's Uncle Money Pockets"

4. Homeless Guy 1 - "I just spent $50 on crack!"
Homeless Guy 2 - " Look at this Uncle Money Pockets!"
Homeless Guy 3 - "*shank*"