1 definition by the one who knows whats up.

a very horrible desise. mostly found in blonde bitches who steal peoples shit (these herpie infested blondes are more attracted to peoples clothes then actual shit), lie about everything, find brown haired boys (who are currently dating people) and force them to join there little herpie club. for example. being a blone haired herpie infested BITCH comes the common side affects; Full of your self, looking like a dick, super herpies, no friends.

So they find people that can look like a dick, be full of them selves, and have super herpies with.

so please, dont join this "club" of dumb blond bitches.
find help.
X;Yo! You see that blonde girl over there?!
Y;Dude..thats *******. she has herpies.
X; oh thanks dude! that was a close one! hey have you seen my aero sweater?