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I live here. I drive a 2001 Honda Odyessy and I don't play lacrosee. Its very white. Almost no blacks, spanish or any diverse people. Luxury cars don't come at a premium, however the high school parking lot isn't filled with them. Mostly the parents drive them. Like almost everyone in my senior class i'm going to a respected university without a lacrosse scholarship. Even the lacrosse kids are smarter than the valedictorian at most surrounding high schools. Yes everyone drinks and we all wear nice clothes. Those who hate on our town are simply jealous that they: don't live in a million dollar home, are not going to a good college, do not drive a nice car, do not wear nice clothes, and do not rage as hard as we do. Come to Garden City for a weekend and see.... we're better than you....at everything....and we know it.
This kid out drank me by 12 brews and didn't have a BAC....must be from Garden City

I look like shit compared to this kid...he must be from GC
by the nurse doctor June 29, 2011
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