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B-movie goddess. As of 2007, has acted in over 140 movies, most of which were feature roles. (Compare this to the piddly 108 roles Sam Jackson has played.)
The tragedy of Debbie Rochon is that the quality of her performance has an inverse relationship to the quality of the movie, so there is really nothing of hers to recommend to a non-fan.

(Consider: She was great in Bleed, which sucked. She was mediocre in Tromeo, which was great.)
by the letter d November 04, 2007
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This is the Elvis emoticon.
Person A: Hey check this out 5:)
Person B: Wow it's Elvis!
Person A: I know right
Person B: Hey let me try 5:)
Person A: Yeah that's it.
Person B: 5:) 5:) 5:) lol 3 elvses
Person A: stfu
by the letter d August 26, 2007
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A maneuver in which you have sex with somebody who is unconcious WITH THE HOPE THAT your doing so will revive them.

Note: this is different from something like sleepysex, in that your goal is to fix the situation rather than exploit it.

(Named after medicinal smelling salt, which produces such a potent smell that it can awaken an unconscious person.)
"I've tried everything I could think of, but the patient is still out cold."
"Hold on, doctor, there's still one thing you didn't think of...." (pulls down pants)
"Ah, yes, give her some smelling salt."
by the letter d October 26, 2007
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Literally, rape of the larynx.
"Time for a little laryngal rape!"
"Sometimes I wonder why I hang out with you."
by the letter d October 09, 2007
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An expanded version of "fuckhole;" a generic epithet for one whom you wish to disparage on the basis of their sexual inexclusivity.
"What's the big deal? I only slept with three guys last night."
"You're such a viscous fuckhole!"
by the letter d October 08, 2007
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SNES' sequel to Nes' "Fuckhole," Super Fuckhole features improved graphics and more intricate gameplay.
"Yo, you wanna play Super Fuckhole after school?"
"Naw man that game's too hard, I can never get past level 2."
by the letter d October 08, 2007
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Short for "as can be." Follows an adjective.
1. You look pale-as-can!
2. That test was hard-as-can.
3. Her cunt is tight-as-can.
by the letter d August 15, 2007
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