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(in its original sense) Posting with little effort or care as to what will happen after you submit "post." Shitposting also occurs in subcategories:

- Actual shitposting: when you become so enraged that you rape your keyboard with your unholy fingers. Often, the resulting post will be deemed as unfunny, awful, racist, or in general of poor taste.

- Funny shitposting: when you think of a terrible idea to post on twitter dot com or some other website, and of which is often bizarre, full of eggcorns and other grammatical errors and general so bad it's good. Take @dril for example.

(how normalshitters use the word) any post which is just a mildly silly, #relatable or overused joke. It doesn't matter what the joke is, though usually it's involved with unfunny meme from 2013, like thicc or dank memes. Usually, if the post is on Twitter, it's actually a draft saved from two weeks ago. Also, "shitposting account" are usually only half of these, with the other half dedicated to retweets from literally who's rant on the patriarchy, "satisfying" stuff or in general boring shit one would expect Sally from middle school would post on her Tumblr blog.
(originally) Decent Person: Hey, look at this thing
Shitposter: Fuck you only a retard like Tommy Wiseau could think of downy shit like that go neck YOURSELF REEEEEEEEEEEE
Decent Person: wtf
(how Twitter uses it) "Shitposter": uwu
*Gets 1 like*
"Shitposter": Haha, look mom everyone loves my shitposting! It's so amazing!
by the gabposter April 13, 2019

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