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A awesome website that releases new fakes pics of hot celebritites daily for FREE.
B.S. stand for Britney Spears nude.
by The G January 24, 2005

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An innocent man who is going to be prosecuted. This fact is often displayed on fences and walls.
Bill stickers will be prosecuted
by The G November 21, 2003

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1. Where Bush's monkeys sit and try to pronounce the names of the countrys they are bombing

2. A five sided shape with five corners

3. What wannabe Satanists draw on their walls, genitals and on the ground in white chalk
1. There's a mass without roofs. Let's bomb 'em!

2. This shape has five sides. Lets go for a walk and discuss the matter further

3. Nah, only joking. I'm not another member of the greedy society. Brothers
by The G November 21, 2003

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Consider the first monkeys shot into space. Without pain, without sacrifice, we are nothing.
You look like a monkey ready to be shot into space
by The G November 28, 2003

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One of the best white rappers ever. Brimingham born white man armed with a man and some synthetic beats, greatly underrated
Original Pirate Material
by The G November 21, 2003

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Shops in the UK selling clothes mainly to scallies although they do have some other stuff which is almost respectable.
Shit mate, where did you get that lacoste shirt?
I got it down USC in the Arndale centre.
by The G June 14, 2004

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Laughter and Balloons
I told my therapist, you don't need to look into my childhood, all you will find is laughter and Balloons. I could not have been more wrong.
by The G November 21, 2003

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