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Squidward's personality is grumpy, hot-tempered, selfish, nasty, unfriendly, and of course, miserable. In spite of this, he is still one of the most intelligent characters, and out of the ten major characters, he can be categorized as the most educated one, along with Sandy Cheeks (Carolyn Lawrence), Plankton (Douglas Lawrence), and Gary the Snail. He has a sarcastic attitude and sees others as uncivilized morons, while failing to accept his own personal shortcomings. Squidward sees himself as misunderstood and unappreciated, blaming society for his failures.
Random person: hey have you ever heard of the word Squidward J. Q. Tentacles
Random person:no
by the diarrhea king March 4, 2022
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loose, watery and possibly more-frequent bowel movements, when it happens it will bring pain and makes you scream loudly. the diarrhea feels like charging lava shooting out of you. and its mushy/creamy. but if you eat it, its the best taste ever.
"dont worry you will be ok?"
by the diarrhea king March 4, 2022
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