4 definitions by the Voice

1. Trying to get someone to tell you their secret; can also be used if person is stuttering

2. used to get information off someone
come on, spit it out
by the Voice January 20, 2003
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simply the most amazing, good looking, intellegent and , genrally, the best family to ever exist.
a member of the pires family is unrivalled in brilliance by anything to ever exist. including god.
man look at that guy , hes just so cool , how does he do it?
.........ah, he must be a pires!
by the Voice August 12, 2004
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A teenager who wants to shock their family and peers by trying to become a wiccan, but has no idea what she/he is doing. The term was popularized by the TV show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

Usualy a vegetarian and goes by a silly craft name. Sometimes refered to as a fluff bunny.

A mockery of the Wiccan religion.
OMG! Tina is such a wanna-blessed-be! She changed her name to Raynbow Moondoggie, bought herself a pentegram as big as her face, and has not eaten red meat in three whole days now. I hear that her parents are like totaly freak'n and threatened to call like an exorcist or something..........
by the Voice February 11, 2004
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