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getting ur ass super owned, or super owning ppl
Knifing in a first person shooter is uber ownage
by the Nad April 11, 2005

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A glowing set of Tits and a Vagina. thats seems to attract all people to constantly stare.
All I see on TV is tits trying to sell me shit I don't need.
by the NAD April 25, 2005

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dramatic for fool. Just something i use on aim to make things dramatic
Dude, you shot me in the ass u FOO'EL
by the Nad April 08, 2005

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Fucking awsome, from So. Cal Surfers cuz we're to zen to cus.
WOW! Those waves are fawsome!
by the Nad March 13, 2005

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(AAF)Alien Ant Farm. Punk rock band, they did a cover of smoothe criminal
No one listens to Alien Ant Farm
by The NAD December 08, 2004

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Eat, or chew. came from a paully shoore movie. i think cuz ur teeth are bones and when u chew they go down throgh the food
Im gonna bone down on some grindage!
by the Nad April 08, 2005

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The best 24 oz. drink you can get for 99 cents. They come in kiwi strawberry, mucho mango, watermwlon, unsweetened tea, fruit punch, rasberry, and sweetened tea. i think thats it. well all that comes in a can anyway.
I usually drink the iced tea with the sugar.
by The NAD May 25, 2005

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