2 definitions by that rainbow salt

ALÈCRÒNCH or simply ‘Alex’ is a super funny, kinda annoying girl who searched her name up and found out that her name is a guy’s name (surprise, much?). She is often smol and kinda cute, but has an angry and feisty personality!
Wow, she’s so smol, she must be an ALÈCRÒNCH!
by that rainbow salt May 07, 2019
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One fateful day, in a science class, a discovery was made. As a result, a name was born (from a noble gas found in the Earth's atmosphere). He always says mew, and yet denies he's a furry... And is either a drunk person or on crack. It seems that this cRaZy orangutan can still switch back to normal mode when a teacher collects homework, it is truly a phenomenon.
Wait, what the hell are they doing????!!!!!!! They must be a Xenon...

Mewwwwwwwwwwwwwww- Xenon
by that rainbow salt May 14, 2019
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