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a very poor, gang infested neighborhood on the westside of columbus, ohio. the opposite of the cherry creek in denver. even though the po-po are everywhere, its full of thugs and criminals. commonly the greater cherry creek-murray hill area is known as cherry creek. if you park your car there for an hour, one of three things will happen. a. it wont be there when you come back. b. the window will be smashed and the stereo will be missing. c. in red, "614th piru OGs" will be painted on the hood.
commonly referred to as "the CHC" the 3 letter abbreviation. see: HTP, UBC, SNC.
Derek: man, i was in cherry creek yesterday and got mugged.

John: my sister got killed there.

Ron: ya i was carjacked there last week.

Fred: me too! the CHC is hebrew for hell.
by terrance h. January 30, 2007

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