8 definitions by tara banana

One who stacks it early on in the eveing. To flail, flailing
you fucking flailer

Man i gotta to flail

Man im flailing
by tara banana May 28, 2004
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an expression of sad tidings or events.
by tara banana May 28, 2004
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A crap slang word meaning "bad" or can mean to whine or winge. Used by people that dont know how to use the word fuckinging and shit expressively enough.
"aaw man your Booing again"
"what do you mean blink182 have another album out? Booing"
by tara banana July 2, 2004
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Cheap tack, flammable as you like, crappy comes in a range of clashing neon colours that make your arse look fat
Brookside, liverpool, saaarf east london and hell
by tara banana May 28, 2004
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1. Someone who falls over a lot. To "Stack it"
2. The first person to succumb to too much alcohol and/or weed at the end of a night's piss-up.
1. Hahahaha look over there, that guy just stacked it! He's such a stacker.
2. Laura passed out by 11... She is such a stacker
by tara banana May 12, 2004
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u need : a passed out drunk, their mates and whatever u can lay your hands on. the stuff is then place on the person until they wake up.
wanna play drunk buckaroo on ged?
by tara banana May 28, 2004
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it means "what the fuck did you just say?" or can mean "what?"
Ged: Hey Laura, wanna come suck my nob?

Ged: sarah wanna come suck my nob?
by tara banana May 28, 2004
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