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Kong Wing Cheung (江永祥), Kevin Kong, another idiot without brain in HK Police Force. He says ‘er... errr...’ too often so people call him ‘Er Er Sir’ or (江er祥).

He created lot of quotes for us such as ‘Er... We have to widen the frame.’ (Er... 大家就係可能要將個畫面拉闊啲) and ‘I’m always a polite person.’ (我從來都係一個有禮貌嘅人) and he’s just like a drunk guy telling lies that no one believes
Er Er Sir: Errr... errr... I don’t know English neither Chinese.
by t.tiana May 12, 2020
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someone who blame his fault on u and thinks everything he does is right and everything u do is wrong
my dad doesnt hate me ofc
by t.tiana January 2, 2022
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Hong Kongers is a group of brave, valiant people who show no fear to power and authority, and fight Hong Kong’s freedom. Hong Kongers fight for what is right and their bravery cannot be killed by tear gases and bullets.
Wow I’m impressed by Hong Kongers’ perseverance.
by t.tiana May 12, 2020
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1. people who scream at u when u need someone to talk

2. people who blame everyone on u when ur depressed and so fucked up in ur life

3. people who say theyre always by ur side and ignore u when u need someone the most
i for sure love my parents duh.
by t.tiana January 2, 2022
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Tang Ping Keung (鄧炳強), PK Tang, the commissioner of the Hong Kong Police Force. ‘PK’ is also a swearing slang in Cantonese swearing, referring to ‘pok gai’. It is always use as ‘shit’ in English and it means falling down on street or bastard. Lots of Hong Kongers think his parents named him right since he is a shithead who always makes up lies to cover mistakes the police force has made, such as rape, murder, indiscriminate catch protesters. He literally thinks everyone but himself should be treated in a violent way. So he is a total pervert.
PK Tang doesn’t give a damn about people getting bit up by cops for no reason.
by t.tiana May 12, 2020
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someone who makes u cry even more when youre in tears
by t.tiana January 2, 2022
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Junius Ho, Ho Kwan Yiu (何君堯) is a councillor in Hong Kong who teams up with gangsters in Yuen Long (a place in HK) and supports them to bit the protestors and passerby for no reason. ‘Yee Yuen’ (議員) means councilor in cantonese, and the same pronunciation with ‘game over’ (已完).

He is also a comedian who makes ‘jokes’ for Hong Kongers. He likes boxing and dancing in the legislative council. So basically making people laugh is his greatest contribution to the society.
Holy cow! Did you see at the news today? Ho Yee Yuen is fighting with a bodyguard!
by t.tiana May 12, 2020
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