47 definition by sweet jesus

A Homosexual male Prostitute. The name is derived from the fact when boys rent themselves out to other gay men and get paided for Homosexual sex
''oi rentboy there's ya pimp waiting for you at the bus stop!''
by sweet jesus March 21, 2006

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A big bunch of wild living bikers which founded in 1948 and amazingly who are maybe one of the fastest growing criminal networks in the world. Sonny Barger the leader of Hells Angels was accused for associating with the country's cocaine distribution network and at least 60 angels have been accused for 160 murders in Montreal on a eight year reign of Terror.
''hells angels were born in 1948''
by sweet jesus May 31, 2006

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A traditional act performed in schools (mostly done secondary schools) when someones birthday is grassed around the school and every one punches you on how old you are. E.G you are 15 they punch you 15 times on the arm

Some schools have banned birthday beats from happening
dont tell anyone your birthday date unless you TRUST them OR YOU GET BIRTHDAY BEATS
by sweet jesus October 07, 2006

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lack of fat
''if you dont get of his phoneline iam gonna ring your scrawny neck physically!''
by sweet jesus July 25, 2006

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Incorrect way of spelling punani
The female genitals
'' ma chick got some tasty poonani blad!''
by sweet jesus October 05, 2006

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