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A sport for only the OG’s. May be tiring... and there IS a secret xc language where they talk about “keeping the pace”. But literally the best sport out there. Xc girls are sweet as hell and damn good looking. Xc boys are super hot and attractive (and this is random but there is always a hot & fast dude named jake in like every team). If u ever fall for an xc runner you best damn keep them because they are likely one of the best people you’ll ever meet.
“Damn. Xc workouts look so hard!!” - 1
“Dude ikr!! But look at those hot cross girls😍😍” - 2
by surfandplai June 08, 2019

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ur brudders are ur main ooba chingas. don’t mess wit da brudders
kelsa: aye brudder what’s up?
kami: shut up
avery: I love my brudders
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by surfandplai February 23, 2019

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