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Adjective denoting an intense sexual desire for oneself. Note that this desire can be combined with other forms. (A combination autophile and heterosexual, for example)
Damn, I just sprouted a big rubbery looking in the mirror. I must be getting autosexual.
by sum lanj? February 04, 2009
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Any "bro-d" word, such as "broseph," "Kurt Brobain," "broletariat," or "broseidon." Noteworthy that the word "brortmanteau" is a brortmanteau of "portmanteau" itself. Don't think about it too hard. The ability to create catchy brortmanteaus is a hallmark of a true bro, and doing so will make all the members of his brosse green with envy. Good brortmanteaus are the centerpiece of any brocabulary, and whenever you hear one, you should assimilate it into your own personal ever-evolving bromenclature.
'70s-obsessed bro 1: Dude, I'ma go grab some brocaine and listen me a little bit of Houses of the Broly. You in?

'70s-obsessed bro 2: Hell yeah. Brobert Plant's voice is hella cash on that album, particularly in The Brocean. Count me in.

Random bro nearby: Those were some hella mad brortmanteaus you guys were throwing around. Mind if I join?
by sum lanj? May 10, 2009
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n. Portmanteau of "spectacular" and "nutsack" denoting something to be awesome--usually used in either a sarcastic or tongue-in-cheek manner. Used only between males.
Annoyer: d00d, i just p00ned j00!
Annoyee: Yep. You're fucking nutsackular at this game. Words can't begin to describe the skill it took for you to kill me with a rocket launcher whose splash damage covers half the level.
by sum lanj? January 19, 2009
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The leader of one's brosse (bro posse, for the uninitiated). Always has the most to say about any given subject, and what he has to say about said subject is generally taken as law among the brosse. Though there may be cooler dudes within the brosse, the Kurt Brobain is always the first bro to come to mind when a particular posse is mentioned. See also Dave Brohl, Eddie Bedher, Layne Gayley, and Chris Brornell
1) I'd love to hit up a movie tonight, but Tuesdays are Gaylo nights... I know, sorry, it's brosse law, and one does not simply anger Kurt Brobain.

2) Hey, I know Kurt Brobain over there isn't the coolest guy ever, but give us a chance. He isn't necessarily an accurate representation of us all.
by sum lanj? April 22, 2009
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