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A supporter of Donald Trump's candidacy for the Presidency of the United States of America; the term invokes the munchkins of Oz, a minitiarized people of questionable intellectual backing and strong propensity towards astronomical heights of gullibility. Note: While the term can be used to describe any Trump supporter, it is usually reserved for either his online trolls or surrogates . It is rarely used in reference to his rallygoers, who are most often referred to as Trumpa Loompas.
José: Why do Trumpkins hate America so much?

Sarif: Maybe it's because they aren't allowed to own slaves.
by street grammar master September 15, 2016

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1. adv. indicating extreme urgency to respond to an immediate need that the speaker has most often been recently made aware of, although it may also refer to a need that, while the speaker has had a prolonged cognizance of, the relief of which would require the briefest of intervention by another party or minimal rectification by an object (i.e. a urinal). A portmanteau of ' yesterday' and 'now' with the component , 'yesterday,' referencing its colloquial usage as an adverb to indicate urgency to resolve a prolonged process; and 'now' to transmute the adverbial to impart a more immediate, impulsive need.
I just got the craziest craving for sugar. I need candy like yesternow.
by street grammar master September 26, 2015

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An acronym meaning "hope it's a good one" almost always following the acronym HBD for "Happy Birthday"
**gets birthday notification on FB**

hbd hiago
by street grammar master October 01, 2020

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