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Rat Tactics is a type of tactic used in many games and sports, its an unsportsmenship tactic that is often frowned apon by the opposition and/or spectators.

The art of a rat tactic is to utilise a rule or maneuver in such away gives the apponent a disadvantage. Some people would consider rat tactics as cheating but infact it 99% of the time it isnt!

Any Dirty/Unfair/Unsportsman like tactic can be considerd a "Rat Tactic". Not to be Confused with Drain Tactics which is an illegal tactic.

A Few Examples of Rat Tatics:
In A Sports match deliberatly injuring the oppositions best players.
In a fight, hitting below the belt or eye gouching
In a Written Test Discreetly Asking Other people for anwers
In A Game of snooker, diberatly hitting the apponents ball away from the pocket.
Jason: Did you guys win the netball last nite?
Kayla: Nah those bitches used "Rat Tactics" and Took out half our Team.

Jason: I Cant belive you passed that maths test Jonney. how did u do it?
Jonney: Yeh it was easy, just copied the first few and used "Rat Tactics" for the rest

Sophie: Herd about you fight Ash. You could of fought fairly bad you had to use "Rat Tactics"
by Str8rippin June 14, 2010

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Drain Tactics is a type of tactic that can be used in pretty much every day to day activity, The art of a Drain tactic is to find a quicker and more often than not a dodgey/Bad way of doing things.
If a "Drain Tactic Is performed, the person on the other side of the tactic will usually get Drained because of the poor quality. See Drained or Drainer

"Drain Tactics" Are to be used by people who have no care or pride in what they are doing, whether it be their full time job or just baking a cake.
The Quality of a job performed using "Drain tactics" is noticeably different to the way it should be done.
Jaso: Dad Why did the kitchen fall apart?
Dad: Because the dickhead must have had somewhere to go and used drain tactics to get it installed as quick as he could.

Hannah: Tayla how did u get here so fast?,

Tayla: Used Drain Tactics on all the intersections, i cut off and drained that many people its not even funny. See Drained or Drainer

Josh: Steve uses Drain Tactics to win matches.
by Str8rippin June 14, 2010

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When Something is Working well or Another word for Awesome Can be used for alot of expressions
Jay: Have you got the amp running yet?
Shaun: Yes Shes Full Burl!

Jay: How was sophie
Shaun; She was Full Burl
by str8rippin June 06, 2010

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A Word used to describe Excessive excitement, Unexplainable Happyness. typically about something of little actual worth. Mostly used in the positive term, but can also be revesed to a word of extreme anger
Happy - Jason: I Seen Jimmy today i walked in with a ps3 and he was "Full Frothing"

Angry - Jimmy: I Told mum about the tatoo today. she started full frothing, i shat meself!
by Str8rippin June 14, 2010

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