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A word which is often used to describe what "appears" to be an honorable man in law enforcement (common region of country where used - SW United States) but in actuality is an abject moron. The term is often used by retreating leftists who themselves are often referred to as "dupniks" It really is a catch all cover word to make a common moron seem far more intelligent that he or she really is, at least to his followers and stooges. Akin to the concept of putting lipstick on a pig and focusing solely on the lipstick.
Clarence was a misguided political hack shill with no sense of honor or decorum who whined incessantly to the press about issues he could not substantiate to cover actions of his own supposed accountability which he could not explain. Democrats just called him a "dupnik", to be polite.
by staber January 20, 2011
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