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Nih/./guh/ n. 1. racist term used to discribed any dark skinned people but generally reserved for those of african descent. 2. n. Term used by incredibly ignorant black people to describe themselves but considered racist when used by non blacks. 3. n. Carte blanc to black people to beat non blacks into a coma when used publicly. 4. n. a secret code word to be used by whites who desire quick, free, total dental extractions at the hands of unliscenced, amatuer black dentists.

1. The white rap fan found himself hemmoraging shortly after saying "what up nigga?" to a large brotha named Tyrel.

2. Calling someone a "nigger" in an all white bar, club or chat room means nothing. Try doing it in an all black club or out on the street in Harlem bitch.
by soulsurvivor March 12, 2006

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Reng/uh/deng/deng. adj. 1. a Frank Sinatra-ism for a woman's vagina. 2. Floozy available for throw away sex. 3. an exclamation to be uttered in the presence of women of easy virtue.

I hear that in the 60's Sinatra said she was ring a ding ding.
by Soulsurvivor March 20, 2006

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