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Bohemians live in alternative spaces, these are places that are not normally considered suitable for living in. They don't make wealth their priority. Money is only a means of survival, so they can live for their arts/craft/music/literature...etc
Miranda and Ivan live in an old abandoned cynagogue, where they paint all day long. Sometimes they sell their art so they can afford to eat.

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No-wave is a genre of music that's name takes the mickey out of the stereotyping that occurs every day, mainly within the teen popular culture. An example of this stereotyping is:
Mark: what's with Matt these days he's listening to a lot of Senses Fail and Hawthorne Heights?
Mike: yeh it's all just a load of emo shit
Mark:...mmmmmmmm... so true
This stereotyping occurs because these bands, however good or bad they are, can so easily defined as a certain style. Styles such as metal, punk, classic rock,new-wave jazz, r&b and emo are commonly discussed, which actually gets REALLY annoying. So anyway, No-Wave is a name used for a hard-to-define, broad genre of music that came about in NYC late 70's-ish. Bands such as Sonic Youth, Fugazi and Helmet are commonly known as typical No-Wave bands and have been very successful because of their open minded approach to rock music.
bands such as these:
pussy galore
teenage jesus and the jerks

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