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5 definitions by skuxx :D


State of existence after death for notorious gangsters - especially eazy e as most of his songs were about him cruising, now hes cruising after death symbolising his afterlife.
the game: 1, 2, 3 and to the 4
Pumps in the trunk of that cherry red '64
Im riding with the ghost of Eazy hoppin the leany
He watching for demons
eazy: old eazy e's still cruising
by skuxx :D January 11, 2010
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the typo of the ' :L ' emote on msn !
usually done when the person typing is not looking at the keys and their hand is slightly too much to the left when hitting the keys .
person 1: *says funny joke*
person 2: LKLKLKLK
person 1: what ?
person 2: sorry i ment to say :L:L:L:L
by skuxx :D January 10, 2010
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see l2pk and irl

combining these two words gives the meaning : learn to player kill in real life ,

meaning : learn to kill people .

can also be said as L2KP - learn to kill people
guy 1: i heard liam got pinned up for attempted murder !
guy 2: he should L2PK IRL and done more then attempted !
guy 1: hell yeah
by skuxx :D January 11, 2010
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noun- pronounced (bush - it )

the way tongans pronounce bullshit

specifically said by JONAH from summer heights high

he uses this word this word when hes angry at his teachers !
pedophile pete: jonah why did you bully and hit ben ?
jonah: because hes a runga sir !
pedophile pete: because hes got orange hair ?
jonah: yes sir runga !
pedophile pete: thats it jonah , im banning you from catching the train to school !
jonah: thats bushit shit !!
by skuxx :D January 11, 2010
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When a persons computer loads so slowly in a game that his computer is said to be made from a substance uncapable of conducting electricity such as wood.

the substance can also be substituted with another substance more cheap then wood eg. african mud bricks

originates from computer games with servers where players must wait for everyone to connect before the game can start. the player who loads last is said to have a wooden computer.
*everyones loaded except dave*

nerd 1 : wow dave as such a wooden computer

nerd 2 : yea totally made from 100 year old wood from africa
by skuxx :D May 17, 2011
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