2 definitions by silvio salami

big tits are ginormuos jiggly bouncy loving fucking things that look goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood
jigilly things that u can fuck
o oo o
o o
o o<-butimagine2ofthose big tits
o o
by silvio salami September 6, 2008
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duchebag is a bag of duche /weed
superman is looking for for wonder women so he goes up to batman and asks him " were is wonder women" and batman says " i thought i saw her in the forest" and super man calls him a "duchebag" then looking for her in the forest. so superman sees wonder women and went to do her in the but like the speed of light. so wonder woman says "wat was that" and invisible boy says " i dont know but my ass fucking hurts.
by silvio salami September 6, 2008
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