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Villain: " Yo, bro, I chopped off both ur legs, decapitated you, and threw you into the sky. There's no coming back from that. "
Protagonist: " AGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!! " *revives* "

Villain: " Yo wth. "
Protagonist: " I broke my limits.. "
by shut up will you March 23, 2021
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a stupid word boomer teachers used to describe being good with computers.
Guy 1: Hey man, you just turn on the computer with the button right there
Teacher: You're so tech savvy!
Guy 2: Bruh.
by shut up will you January 6, 2021
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Shelvining is when you're using capital letters on each letter of every individual word.
Dude 1: Yo, wassup , Shelvin?
Shelvin: Hey, What Is Going On , My Guy?
Dude 1: Why do .. why do you keep Shelvining?
by shut up will you March 9, 2021
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