13 definitions by sexy ad the pro evolution wizard

A Jekyll & Hyde type transformation that lets out the dark side of a usually sensible and respected memeber of the community after they've sipped an alchoholic beverage(usually Stella).
Probably best not to approach them cause they're known to partake in random acts of violence and mischief.
Pete: "Did you see Larrikin Lu was on the rampage again last night?"
Ad: "I noticed all our windows were smashed so i guessed he'd come back."
Luey: "Arrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh!"
Pete & Ad: "Oh shit!"
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something that the ladies find very attractive.
Guy 1: "Yo man, you was money last night. I seen you macking all dem chicks."
Guy 2: "No doubt."
Guy 1: "Shame they were all heffas though."
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1. Snickering Hound, Your Boy, The Big Blountizzle, Sexy Ad The Pro Evolution Wizard
2. Someone who is cool as fuck. 4Real.
"Ad you are without doubt the Brummy Prince."
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Only joking, not really.
"I fucked your mum last night..........nootch!"
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a dump.
Possibly originated from shortening "I'll see you guys in a minute i'm gonna go snap my tail off."
"Oh man, pull over the car i need to take a snapper."
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To keep going on and on and on about something.
"Yo, i wish that mo'fucker Gromett would quit his snickering."
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