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Zionism is the belief that the Jewish people should have a homeland, in what is now the State of Israel. This has become controversial as the Arab Muslims living in Israel believe that the land should belong to them. To voice their aggression, they conduct terrorist attacks on innocent Israeli citizens almost daily. When they were given a country of their own in the Gaza Strip, they held elections and elected a known terrorist organization called Hamas whose mission is to destroy the Jewish state and kill all Jews. Instead of helping their starving people, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority use their resources to continue a futile war against the Israelis. And despite being given full rights as Israeli citizens, the Arabs continue to whine about their awful treatment. Hamas also kidnaps Israeli citizens and holds them hostage in exchange for the release of hundreds of Palestinians who have been convicted of terrorist attacks.
Zionism is not racism. Zionism is the belief that the Jewish people, who have been persecuted needlessly for over 5000 years, should finally be able to govern themselves in the land that has always been rightfully theirs.
"Hey, my ignorant friend told me that Zionism is racism"

"Your friend and you should pay attention to the truth, and not what biased media tells you"
by senornewport April 22, 2010

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