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yea, so, coming from a true emo girl, heres my interpretation of what an emo girl is: bangs covering a single eye/side of her face,sometimes held back by a black or neon colored barrette, band merchandise (including band tees, band track jackets, band hoddies, band zip-up hoodies, band wrist bands, and any other type of band stuff), black rubber bracelets or rainbow rubber bracelets, thick-rimmed glasses occassionally horn-rimmed, thick black eyeliner, sometimes black or neon eye shadow, pale skin, jeans (tight pants or just regular jeans, sometimes ripped) messenger bag, or another kind of flimsy bag, listens to "little known" bands, or some mainstream bands, and complains about them being mainstream, looks sad most of the time, the majority of emo girls cut themselves, enjoys taking pictures of themselves looking away from the camera or looking just plain sad, and then photo-shops it to make it black and white and all contrasty, sometimes wears a scarf, fingerless gloves, and can be found mingling with emo boys or other emo girls.
look at sadie sitting by herself, listening to panic! at the disco, reading anne rice novels, with half her face covered with bangs... shes such an emo girl.
by sadie =) January 09, 2006

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