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The word "Nancy-boy" is a postwar term for a homosexual male. It is a softer word than faggot, queer, or dick-smoker. "Nancy-boy" is synonymous with "that way," meaning light-in-the-loafers, but harmless and not at all threatening or predatory.
Your brother is sure a Nancy-boy. His house is just beautiful, and he keeps a wonderful yard. His pug dogs are cute too!
by Rook's Buddy May 10, 2010

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A "fat chick" is a woman who is above average in physical size. Any woman who wears a size 18 or larger dress is likely to be a fat chick. (This number has been revised upward, from size 14.) Often, these females shop at stores such as Lane Bryant, and considered to be plus-sized. Being a fat chick does not mean that the female is ugly or unattractive; rather, she is simply significantly larger than the typical normal-sized woman. Fat chicks are often called BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMEN, or BBWs, because they are exactly that, big and beautiful.
1. I know my girlfriend is a fat chick, but I love her anyway.
2. Your ex-girlfriend is really hot, now that she put on a few pounds and is a fat chick. You might want to hook up with her again.
3. That bar that has free tacos during happy hour is a great place to pick up fat chicks.

4. Dude, that NO FAT CHICKS bumper sticker on your truck is causing you to miss out on some really great women!
by Rook's Buddy May 09, 2010

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To say: "Shines like a diamond in a goat's ass" is to provide high praise for something or someone. A harsh term, it is often used by men in the working trades. A star baseball player on a mediocre team could be said to "shine like a diamond in a goat's ass." Often, the phrase is used as a compliment for a really nice car or motorcycle. Ironically, it would not be appropriate to compliment a diamond ring or other jewelry with this phrase. (Body piercings excepted.)
1. That new chrome on your Harley-Davidson shines like a diamond in a goat's ass!
2. The ghost flames on your pickup truck make it shine like a diamond in a goat's ass.
3. Inappropriate usage: "Your engagement ring shines like a diamond in a goat's ass!" (That might get you bitch-slapped.)
by rook's Buddy May 22, 2010

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A douchnozzle is an individual who is less than, or lower than, a douchbag. These individuals cannot be compared to the entire apparatus, but can only be reasonably compared to the business end of the device: The greasy, nasty little tip.
Look at that douchnozzle riding that scooter wearing those faggy-looking red, white and blue fingerless gloves! Rock on EASY RIDER!
Also, virtually all males seen driving convertibles with the top down and the windows up are douchnozzles.

Another example of a douchnozzle is anybody with a Batman tattoo.
by Rook's Buddy May 07, 2010

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A woman who is, at her very core, stupid and/or ignorant. Normally this word is used toward women who are over forty. It is not often used toward younger women or women in their teens. "Dumb" refers to a person who cannot speak, and most dumb beavers talk far too much, so the definition is not completely accurate, in a literal sense. Still, when you say "dumb beaver," everybody knows exactly what you mean.
1. While riding my Harley, this dumb beaver pulled out in front of me. She must have been late for her hair appointment!
2. It would have been nice to actually get the questions answered, but the dumb beaver on the phone was too ignorant to be helpful.
by Rook's Buddy May 09, 2010

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Clitty litter is what ends up in the crotch of a woman's panties. It consists of dried semen, vaginal secretions, and any other material the woman may be shedding from her uterine and vaginal lining. It can also consist of bits of toilet paper, and if the woman is very unclean, bits of fecal matter, also known as shit. A dingleberry may detach from the hair around the woman's anus, and this too may end up becoming clitty litter.
Clitty litter can be white, red, green, or even brown. This depends on the recent activity of the woman, and her attention to personal hygiene. Check the woman's panties for skid marks!
I was going to go down on that bitch, but that good-looking pussy smelled of ass. Being sneaky, I checked her panties, and found the vented cotton panel to be soaked with dried clitty litter. I then directed me to give me a blow job.

Example two: My girlfriend just got out of the shower, so there was little chance of encountering any nasty clitty litter.
by Rook's Buddy May 08, 2010

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A baby machine is a woman who can readily become pregnant, and who really wants to give birth.
1. Be careful of her, she's a real baby machine. Use a condom!

2. You better dump that baby machine, before you knock her up.

3. My girlfriend is a real baby machine. She's pregnant again!
by Rook's Buddy May 10, 2010

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