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A publicly accepted form of techno, (meaning that the music is composed using ELECTRONIC SEQUENCING SOFTWARE). The only thing that makes people think it's not techno is because pop music uses vocals as the main part of the song. Unfortunately, pop music sucks shit because whatever the "singers" are saying has already been said 5 million times before by previously manufactured talentless scumbags.
There has never been a more vile abomination to the music industry than the scourge of pop music, all of which is supported by the Record industry Asswipes of America, or RIAA.
by rock fan November 19, 2003

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Used to be an alright system of giving merit to exceptionally good singers. Now it's just a rigged scamfest where talentless idiots get awarded just for being on MTV, VH-1, or B.E.T..
Few Grammy Awards are being given to those who make real music but are too poor to get any attention.
by rock fan April 29, 2003

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The music that made it well worth living before the early 1990s.
Now, instead of rock 'n' roll, we have to endure the ear-bleeding likes of rap, pop, and techno.
by rock fan October 27, 2003

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The worst piece of shit ever created by MTV. An excuse for talentless scum like Justin Timberlake and Missy Elliott to win awards for "Best Music of the Year" while spitting on Johnny Cash , and for Metallica to ruin classic songs made by real musicians. Fuck MTV.
The only interesting thing about the MTV VMAs was when Britney Spears and Madonna performed a lesbian-tongue kiss on stage. The rest of the show was a fucking joke.
by rock fan August 29, 2003

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One of the crappier shows on MTV

by rock fan February 18, 2003

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A shitty nu-metal band that slipped on a knot of fame and pop-culture and fell into the dumpster of mediocrity.
I can't believe the noise that Slipknot makes can be classified as music!
by rock fan May 21, 2003

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