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The combined powers of three entities, upon such combination not only increase their power by three, but much greater.

The Power of Three is symbolized by a "triquetra", a Celtic pattern that shows the center of three connected circles (somtimes bound together by a fourth circle in the center).


1. The Holy Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit)

2. Body, Mind, Soul

3. Prue, Piper, Phoebe (original) or Piper, Phoebe, Paige (reconstitution)... and in the future, Wyatt, Chris, Melinda (The two sons of Piper Halliwell, and the daughter of Phoebe Halliwell).

Note: The future daughter of Phoebe Halliwell will be named Melinda, in honor of their ancestor Melinda Warren. Piper Halliwell was supposed to give birth to a female witch, who was to be named Melinda. But after her path had been changed, she ended up giving birth to two male witch/white-lighter hybrids, Wyatt and Chris. Therefore, Phoebe used the name Melinda for her own daughter.
by Robrandt May 18, 2006

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Term you use when you want to take back what you had just finished saying, normally used when you claim that someone is HOT (from a distance), but once they get closer, you realize that they're NOT... and you go, "Belay my last..."

Origin: Term used in the Navy to say "Nevermind" when you change your mind or correct yourself right after giving an order to someone.
Drake: Damn, Trey, look at that Kitten over there sitting by herself. That bitch is "Daisy Duke".

(Then she turns around and you get a better view and she turns out to be more like Patti Duke"

Drake: Oh shit, my bad. Belay my last.
by Robrandt July 13, 2006

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1. A word used when someone is being spoken to, but either disagrees with what is being said or is very uninterested with the entire conversation.

2. Anyway = Go to Hell
Person 1: Uh-huh, Cyclops could totally kick Wolverine's ass!

Person 2: Anyway...


Person 1: So, I was at the department store yesterday, and I saw this awsome pair of shoes that would go so well with that new purse that I got last week...

Person 2: Anyway...


Person 1: OMG, my daddy just bought me a Lexus for my graduation present...

Person 2: *Sigh* Anyway...
by Robrandt July 13, 2006

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Result of a deception or fraud.
Dude 1: Check out this DVD player I just got, this guy sold it to me for $150.

Dude 2: They're selling that at Costco for $40. You got gooked, man.
by Robrandt May 03, 2006

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A magical being from the 6th Dimension. He is a pest, and his pranks can become very dangerous. One of the ways to send him back to his own dimension is to trick him into saying, spelling, or otherwise revealing his name backwards: KLTPZYXM. Once banished, he may only come back after 3 moons' passing. If you get him to reveal his name backwards, twice in a row, he will be stuck in his dimension for eons.

Superman banished Mxyzptlk back to his own dimention several times, only to be pestered by him again three months later.
by Robrandt May 18, 2006

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The gay equivalent to Mother Fucker; asshole; jerk; fuck nut; etc.

I suppose it can be used towards a female also, but it's so much easier just to call her a cunt, no?
Fuck you, mother fucker!

No, fuck YOU, father sucker...
by Robrandt July 13, 2006

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1. Fucked up
2. Jacked up
I don't wanna go see that movie, I heard it was to the curb.
by Robrandt May 17, 2006

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