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A meathead can be anyone of combo of the following things:

1. Someone who is muscular and slower in the brain.
2. Someone who marinates their head in sauce.
3. Someone who likes to put their heads in a grill of some kind (Ex. Barbeque, George Forman Grill, ect.)
4. Someone who is a complete fucking idiot.
A: Yo look at that guy, he's jacked!
B: Ya, but he's a fucking meathead though.

A: Why is that idiot grilling his own head?
B: Probably cause he's a fucking meathead.
by Rim Job Rob May 25, 2009
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A phrase to call people after they do someone in the ass and not wash their penis for a day or two after.
Wash your pecker, stink dick!
Ohh man, you got a bad case of stink dick!
by Rim Job Rob April 06, 2008
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A person who has a dick either on their face or instead of a face.
Oh man look at the guy over there he's got a dick on his face, what a dick face.
by Rim Job Rob February 18, 2008
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Maily used in the sport of hockey, it is to deke around your opponet with the puck in a fancy fashion.
You just got dangled.
I dangled that guy out so bad.
by Rim Job Rob February 18, 2008
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A short version for "Famous Stars and Straps", which is a clothing line that was created by Travis Barker back in 1999.
I got a sweet new famous shirt today.
by Rim Job Rob September 06, 2008
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A formal greeting. Another word for the saying "What's up?"
Wosopolis Bro?
Hey man, wosopolis?
by Rim Job Rob February 20, 2008
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The action to use your pointer and middle finger to scrape the poo out of someone's asshole, In a digging motion.
She looks like she has alot of poo in her ass, I should give her a good diggil.
by Rim Job Rob February 18, 2008
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