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(n.) Synonymous with asshole, ring piece, anus, poopie hole, dumphole and scatoody.

The term 'fudge factory' is a euphemism for the anus, used by parents and teachers when conversing with children about personal hygiene.
"Emily, you must remember to wash and clean your fudge factory before getting out of the bathtub."
by Rick Roberson April 26, 2009

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(n.) A dominant homosexual male that employs feces in the commission of sexual acts.
My boyfriend sniffs dirty diapers and gets horny off the aroma of fresh warm poop. He's my big scat daddy.
by Rick Roberson August 04, 2010

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(n.) The opening to any body cavity (or mechanical masturbatory device) into which the penis can be inserted for sexual gratification.

When the possessor of a particular hole or orifice is a living individual, he/she also experiences sexual gratification. In this case, the term “love crater” can refer to:

1. the mouth (cake hole);
2. the vagina (if applicable: pussy, snatch, twat, cunt, meat wallet), or
3. the anal sphincter (asshole, balloon knot, dumphole, fudge factory, ring-piece).

In the case of solitary mechanical masturbation, the term can also refer to:

1. one's curled-up fingers, or the fist;
2. a jar of cold cream;
3. a melon (such as a cantaloupe); or
4. a vacuum cleaner hose (not recommended by this author).
Husband: Suppose we’ll be having sexual intercourse tonight, dear?

Wife: Oh yes definitely, sweetheart!

Husband: Anything in particular you’d like me to do?

Wife: Yes! I want full-length cock-stabbing penetration of my well-rimmed love crater, honey! Now let me make a man out of you!!

Husband: But darling, into which love crater do you wish for me to insert my penile member?

Wife: All three, baby! Now let’s cut the crap and get naked and nasty, all right?! Aaarrrgghhh-shlurp-shloosh...
by Rick Roberson January 01, 2012

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(n./slang) A synonym for clitoris.
Husband: Suppose we'll be having sexual intercourse tonight, dear?

Wife: Oh yes, definitely, sweetheart!

Husband: Anything in particular you'd like me to do?

Wife: Yes! I love it when you rub your penis on my twat penis, baby! Now let me make a man out of you!

Husband: Excuse me, dear, but what in the hell is a "twat penis?"

Wife: Go look it up in the Urban Dictionary, honey! Then give me nine inches and make it HURT!

Husband: Oh no, not again! I'll have to screw you three times and knock you over the head with a frying pan!
by Rick Roberson January 26, 2011

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(n) Boo Foo is homonymous with BuFu, which means "Butt Fuck." This is a widely preferred practice in the society of male homosexuals. So Butt Fuck buddies (or Boo Foo buddies) like to take turns pounding the shit out of each other.

See also: mud stud
Homo Man 1: Who were those two guys over by the dick dancers that tried to hustle you?

Homo Man 2: Oh, just two Boo Foo buddies I used to trick with. They're both named "Bob."

Homo Man 1: So I guess they're Oral Roberts, right?

Homo Man 2: Very funny, you fucking faggot... NOT!!!
by Rick Roberson December 19, 2010

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(n.) An aged, male homosexual.
Your grandfather won't keep his eyes off my ass. He's a fucking bumfoozler, man. You're not a faggot, too, are you??
by Rick Roberson February 01, 2010

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(v. gerund) A euphemism for really puking one's guts out to the max... major vomiting action.

See also: blowing lunch and barf meat.
Betty: Did you enjoy the party last night, Rob?

Rob: Yes, but I drank too much and I upchucked all night long.

Betty: So did I!!! I was blowing lunch until two o'clock this morning.

Rob: I'm sure I swallowed some barf meat.

Betty: Did it taste good?

Rob: Hell NO, bitch! What kind of pervert do you think I am?

Betty: Oh, I don't think you're a pervert, dude. I only asked because the baloney sandwich I had for lunch yesterday tasted better when I was tossing the toenails earlier this morning.
by Rick Roberson January 26, 2010

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