28 definitions by rich rick

adjective Used to describe someone acting like an ass.
I'm sorry about that last message. Listen, maybe I was being a little bully. Here are some others.
by rich rick August 1, 2011
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verb Means: fuck the pussy.
Commonly used in street talk and hip-hop culture. Famous from being said in the track "# 1 Stunna" by Big Tymers.
"...I like to fuck 'em in the ass while he beat up the pussy!
I'm the number-one stunna: you don't want my shit
I'ma stunt 'til I die, bitch, the shit don't quit!"
by rich rick March 18, 2011
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verb To acornize means to do what FOX News and conservatives did to ACORN, namely point out a single mistake and then build on that to condemn the whole organization. The word was first used on the Cynthia Black radio show.
Hannity is attempting to acornize of the safe schools czar.
by rich rick March 29, 2010
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In addition to, and to clarify, the other definition:
A person (often female) is dressed down when she is wearing clothes that do not accentuate her voluptuous parts (if any).
Despite her attempts to dress down by wearing long pants and a coat, that shit was still poppin' out all over the place!
by rich rick September 7, 2012
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noun The small butt crack showing on girls wearing very tight jeans.
> Whooaa.. look at that one over there!
> Yeahh.. did you see the dimeslot when she bent over?
by rich rick January 3, 2010
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noun Barack Obama's fist bump with wife Michelle during
the election campaign. Interpreted by talking heads on Faux
News to be some sign that he's associated with terrorists.
Bill O'lielly: And there it is... the terrorist fist bump once again.
by rich rick February 28, 2011
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verb In basketball, keeping your dribble alive by simply standing in one place and bouncing the basketball. Made famous by legendary Los Angeles Lakers play-by-play announcer Chick Hearn.
And here comes Magic yoyo-ing up and down...
by rich rick May 19, 2010
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