7 definitions by redneck

see cum dumpster. The talking part of a female (or male)'s face used to store cock for short amounts of time.
Open your cock holster bitch so I can rub callisis on the back of your troat.
by redneck January 15, 2003
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RachaEl: I'm a faggit

Giulia: it's spelled with an o retard
by redneck January 16, 2015
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Something you get from a (slut).
Damn that slut girlfriend gave me the scratchies homes....WTF..I thought the bitch shaved...
by redneck January 19, 2003
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redneck short for neeg-royd
not a hemoroid a neegaroyd!!!
by redneck March 19, 2004
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A "Ballcap" like cap - but the more "vertical" (in front - above the cap's bill) version (as opposed to the slated back (or rounded back) - polo kind of cap.)
Also known as "Ballcap"
Also known as "Cap"
Also known as "Hat"
An Icon of America! A symbol Representing the millions of hard working Americans who work hard - to pay their taxes and make better lives for themselves and their communities. (Relative to its popularity in the USA) Most often worn by "Hard working" "Middle class" Americans.
"Me and the boys pulled on our "trucker caps" and cowboy hats - before headin' into town to have us a little fun on Saturday night".
by redneck March 12, 2004
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guy1"my date stood my up"
guy2"tswh dude"
by redneck March 19, 2004
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