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The act of Fornicating during the feeling of pure euphoria.

Having sex during a euphoric high.
These drugs make me so horny and high that I would euphornicate with anyone.

Regular fornication is not enough for me ever since we euphornicated on shrooms.

Sex with her is pure euphornication.

Sex during the come down of LSD is euphornicatory.

I want you to be my euphornicator.
by rayBs bayBs February 12, 2023
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A very long thin line of a drug crushed into a fine powder. Usually contains a gram or just under a gram of the drug meth or ice. This line is then inhaled through the nose using a nectar collector with a scorching hot quartz tip. It is then exhaled and produces large clouds. Attracts beautiful women from all over the world.
Look at Ray doing another hot rayl.

Rays hot rayling is cray!

HooRAY it's ray with the hot rayls.
by rayBs bayBs August 11, 2021
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