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or the Salty Sea Slapper one must arrive at their mates house with a bucket of warm salty sea water sequestered from the near by ocean or body of salt water. The female will take a mouthful of warm sea water and blow the penis hole of the man until he gets a boner. The male now slaps his partners cheeks with his penis until all the warm ocean water are splurged from her mouth.
"I'm wearing your favorite lingerie and have a nice full bucket of salty sea water here waiting for you."

"Boys, looks like shes gonna get the salty sea slapper tonight!"
by rapture333 April 29, 2009

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Receiving a blow job from a vacuum cleaner or masturbating with any other household appliance. Performed with the hose function and sometimes even using added attachments, such as the one with bristles to simulate a certain fetish, the Black & Decker blowjob is usually performed experimentally.
She's been gone for a while so I decided to hook up the carpet hugger and give myself a black & decker blowjob.

Well I got bored so after cleanin the drapes I took the house attachment and gave myself a black & decker blowjob.
by Rapture333 May 09, 2010

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Your neighbor, your co-worker, your classmate, Desert Eagles are found all over the country. A desert eagle is an Arabian American man or woman who was born in the United States but has Middle Eastern heritage. They are easy to point out as they are usually the ones being stopped at airport checkpoints and can normally show you the geography and current events of the Middle East far better then you can.
If I was in the Freedom Writers, I don't know where the fuck I would fit in, I guess I would have to create a new Al Quida group just for us Desert Eagles.

Being a Desert Eagle, they would probably stop me in the state of Arizona due to my skin tone and either send me back to Mexico or Egypt, whatever they see fit at the time.

Not only do I fit in the United States, I'm also an Iranian nationalist, I will be spared in WWIII, however dem Koreans, well thats another story.
by Rapture333 May 09, 2010

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