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The female of you deepest desire, the one that you have nightmares about when you don't see her. She is the person who you want constantly by your side, someone who will walk up on you from behind and squeeze so hard, that it makes you feel. If she would ever to leave, what would that make her. That would still make her the love of my life because it's my life not her's. If she choose to leave then, she never felt the same way, and there for you loved her so much, her love for you doesn't even compare. She wont realize what a rare thing she had, when a man is completely loyal to her and not the other way around.
She was the love of my life, even after she left.
I like him, but he is not the love of my life.
by rainycity!! June 03, 2010
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A highly retarded character from the show Southpark.
Jimmy.... jimmey, jimmey, JIMMEY, TIMMAY, JIMMY!!!
by Rainycity!! March 19, 2010
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Is a term used to describe a city that gets a lot of precipitation. Mostly used to describe Seattle it can also be used instead of Vancouver.
Its rainycity baby, i love rainycity.
by Rainycity!! March 19, 2010
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The time when you are depressed and are thinking about what ever pops into your mind. Time moves slow and you are in a daze. The time when you feel like you're just broken, and need time to repair.
You just broke up with your girlfriend, and now you're just sitting in your room on your bed just thinking, now that is blue time.
by rainycity!! July 26, 2010
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