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2 definitions by queen chara

being upset over what others have

EXAMPLE: i was at recess one day and my bf was playing tag with me and some other kids. my bestie was it and keep in mind shes the most popular girl in the class. she tagged my bf and i didnt really mind. until he tagged me so i tagged my bestie and then she started to flirt with my bf and tag him only. so i got mad and told her and she stormed off like nothing ever happened. i was jelous in this situation bc i wanted to be her. i wanted to be chased after by the hottest guy literaly ever. so yeah. dont get jelous! :)
jelousy is a disease. get well soon❤️
by queen chara May 10, 2022
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the comeback for any question, comment or statement.
Person 1: Hey! Where did you come from?
Person 2: Your mom.
by queen chara February 9, 2022
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