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-Someone that adorns themselves with summer or winter attire months in advance - in the hope of inciting fashion-envy but unwittingly displaying high levels of discomfort..

-Innapropriate and unjustified adoption of pre-season fashion (including shorts-hero's).

Clustering effect at specific times during any given year:
Early Spring (still 10 below) - shopping in floral skirt..
Late summer (still warm) - leather jackets at the beach..
Winter (rain) - flipflops, jeans, poloshirts and shades..
Random girl wearing ass-shorts and singlet walks out of subway into cold:
Lucy: 'Check out this lass, I haven't seen that much denim-ass since last summer..'
Georgie: "Yeh what a skin-show, I'm still waiting for my solarium to re-open.. wait what month is it?"
Lucy: 'its only May'
Georgie and Lucy: 'season-pusher'

*may or may not be excused when arriving or departing from airports.
by pink cigar May 24, 2011

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