68 definitions by pimp daddy dollars

a extremely long, bumpy, pointy, fat, and curved nose. all of those things qualify a nose as a horn, but a horn can also be a longy nose.
the leader singer of the band rush has a horn
by pimp daddy dollars January 17, 2005
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a "pile up" is when u take a monster shit, and when da shit gets piled up on da otha shit.
omg man, afta i ate dat spicy ass taco bell, i had such a big ass pile up it was starting 2 overflow in da toilet.
by pimp daddy dollars September 06, 2004
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sign launage for FUCK YOU!!!!!
the only sign launage i kno is the finger
by pimp daddy dollars March 06, 2005
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a loser,prick, cock sucking bitch, the worst insult u can eva call sumbody
Person 1: OMG, i hate u so much! ur a... ur a... ur a red sox!!!
Person 2: WHAT??!!! o no u didnt!
by pimp daddy dollars October 24, 2004
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a slang term for skills in basketball.
damn nery, you got that J.
by pimp daddy dollars February 26, 2005
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ok, let me get this straight, THERE IS AND NEVER WILL BE A SUCH THING AS A CURSE!!!! I've said it before and I'll say it again three hundred trillion times if I have to. Its is just some retarded ass excuse that the worst team in baseball the red sox. And it is funny and just goes to show how right I am, that when the red sox were loseing they always would say "Well, its not our fault its the curse of the bambino!" but once they win a world series, the "curse" suddenly went away. And another thing, how the fuck do you get a curse from tradeing Babe Ruth to the yankees???
The curse is a bullshit excuse and the red sox STILL and will ALWAYS suck the yankees balls.
by pimp daddy dollars January 19, 2005
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necter of the gods. a kick ass drink and the best part is dat it gets u super gassy so u burp a lot, but if u drink it a lot it tastes strange. and who eva dont like it is a fukin prick
person 1: omg! did i jus die an go 2 heaven??!!!!!!
person 2: no u jus had sum c2
by pimp daddy dollars August 31, 2004
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