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a incubus is a nightmare, and in mid- evil times or gothic times, ppl went crazy becuz they thought da devil was goin into them and poison or eat thur brains.
incubus, 2 definitons which are, a sucky band and a nightmare
by pimp daddy dollars September 18, 2004
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when you are a pimp and your bitches are starting to get out of control by talking back at their pimp and not earing enough money or stealing your money so you jerk off a lot to "keep your pimp hand strong" and that way you have a strong hand and you also teach then=m not to fuck with you in a bad way
my hoes arent behaveing nicely so i will rent some porn movies to "keep my pimp hand strong" and teach the bad hoes whose the pimp around here
by pimp daddy dollars August 16, 2004
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when a man who is a pimp gets all his females and macks with them in front of everybody
OOOOOOOOO!!!! Doug da pimp is keeping his pimp leg shakeing
by pimp daddy dollars August 16, 2004
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a place where mainly black people go, but the kfc man is white. is that a oxymoron?
kfc kicks ass and tastes good as hell
by pimp daddy dollars January 21, 2005
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a varsity whore is when a gurl who thinks football players are hot goes to the locker room an fucks all the players on the team (varsity whores pefer the starters)
OMG!!!! i knew delilah was a varsity whore!!!
by pimp daddy dollars August 16, 2004
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the definition for the term wa da fu? is when you question something, and instead of saying what the fuck? you say wa da fu
GIL'S MOM: OMFG!!! This traffic is fucking horrible!!!!!
GIL: Ya mom, Wa Da Fu???
by pimp daddy dollars January 11, 2005
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