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perhaps 1 of the best actors in the history of actors and is prob 1 of the best current actors
jim carrey and jerry seinfeld are my idols
by pimp daddy dollars November 22, 2004
a place where mainly black people go, but the kfc man is white. is that a oxymoron?
kfc kicks ass and tastes good as hell
by pimp daddy dollars January 21, 2005
OK, for all of those people out there who think that game is a member of G-UNIT, that is not true. The Game is not, and I repeat, IS NOT part of G-UNIT, (the members of G-Unit are 50 Cent, Tony Yayo, Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, and Olivia) he is signed to Shady AfterMath not to G-UNIT, Dr.Dre and eminem put 50 cent and The Game together so that The Game could devoloup as an artist. And because of this, everyone assumed that The Game was signed to G-Unit, but let me repeat it one more time incase everyone out there isnt clear about this, THE GAME WAS NEVER IN G-UNIT, HE IS SIGNED TO SHADY AFTERMATH, NOT TO G-UNIT.
to everyone who thinks the game is in g-unit, YOU ARE WRONG, HE IS IN SHADY AFTERMATH.
by pimp daddy dollars March 19, 2005
when a guy is or turns gay
after dena dumped gil, he started to be man crazy
by pimp daddy dollars August 17, 2004
the absoulute king of all the states, the best place to be, the best place to live, the best place to do anything. if cities and states were baseball, new york would be the yankees, meaning it is the BEST.
by pimp daddy dollars January 18, 2005
1 of da greatest rappers alive and is major P-I-M-P because he is tapping beyonce(aka a fine ass female)and whoever doesnt think jay-z is raw as fuk is a cock sucking bitch and more retarded then george w bush and is a fucking fag.
person 1: jay-z is raw as fuk
person 2: ya, and hes tapping beyonce a fine ass female
by pimp daddy dollars August 24, 2004
when you jump out in front of some one, totally surpriseing them and forceing them to have sex with you.
Remember kids, its not rape, its surprise sex!
by pimp daddy dollars February 11, 2005