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Getting intoxicated to the point of waking up in another time and place
I drank a couple Harvey Wallbangers, and things got out of hand. Next thing I know, I had quantum leaped and woke up on the floor of a bank.
by Philly K January 24, 2008
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a female version of douchebag
Look at all those douchebags and baguettes standing over there! They're giving me douche chills!
by Philly K March 30, 2008
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a pair of testicles that are twisted up
Emily dida number on my balls, now I have twisticles!
by Philly K February 07, 2007
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The act of performing oral sex on one's nose. Quite literally, blowing their nose.
I gave Laine a nosejob until she sneezed all over my face.
by Philly K February 09, 2008
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The opposite of a bicycle smile.

This occurs when a woman is riding a bicycle (or horse), makes an awkward or uncomfortable turn, and finds the bicycle seat up in them guts.

Jessie had a bicycle frown making that turn onto 37th street. Ouch!
by Philly K March 03, 2008
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a level of relationship, at which two partners are having sex on a regular basis, feeling comfortable yet uncommitted. preferable to the alone zone and the talkin' on the phone zone.
She and I are in the bone zone, and it's great! I just hope she doesn't want to be in the talkin' on the phone zone.
by Philly K October 11, 2009
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When a woman or group of women goes out looking for men who are douchebags.
She was out at the bar douche-cruising when that douchebag guy picked her up.
by Philly K November 12, 2007
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